No website? Send invoices via email or your favourite social media platform and get paid instantly with credit card, Visa debit card and cash vouchers from within the invoice.

Create, send, manage invoices and access your dashboard all in one platform.

Send an invoice to anyone via email or using your favourite social media platforms in three simple steps;

  1. ENTER - Enter the amount you would like the client to paid
  2. CHOOSE - Choose email or paste the payment link to your favourite social media platform.
  3. SELECT who pays the fees
  4. SEND - Click send
  5. GET Paid

WiPay’s invoicing service is the fastest way for your business to bill customers! Invoicing allows you to receive payments directly within the invoice sent to your clients. Payments made via invoice are easy for your customers and let you know in real-time when you get paid.


An All-In-One ecommerce solution with built in payments for your online business.


WiShops is an All-In One ecommerce solution for your business that enables you to build out your online store in minutes and accept payments on your website right away, WiShops offers over 800 store templates and comes with WiPay’s payment gateway already built in. 

  • Simply log into your WiPay account and click WiShops.
  • Click the website option to start building your new website.
  • Choose your design theme and template.
  • Customize the look and feel to match your brand and vision for your business.
  • Then build your product inventory by adding your product images, descriptions and pricing. In a matter of minutes you can be up and running!


Accept contactless payments at
the point of sale with WiPay’s
EPOS QR Code Solution.

Accept contactless payments at the point of sale with WiPay’s EPOS QR Code Solution.

Print and display your unique business QR code at the point of sale and get paid. Your customer scans the QR code with their mobile device, enters the amount to be paid, and proceeds to pay with a debit card or credit card on their mobile device. All you need to do is log into your WiPay account, click on the EPOS feature to view or print your unique EPOS QR code.


With WiPay ePOS, your customers have a secure and simple way of paying. You can accept credit card and Visa debit card payments virtually through the app, and in-person with your unique business QR code. Customers just scan your code with their phones for easy, touch-free checkouts.

Bulk Payments

Instantly transfer money from your WiPay Business
account to multiple WiPay Business accounts
with a few simple steps.

Bulk Payments
Transfer money from one WiPay account to mulitple WiPay accounts instantly.

From the Payments feature, select Bulk Payouts to transfer money to multiple Wipay accounts. Enter the WiPay account numbers, email address, the amount that you wish to transfer and details then select submit to send the money. 

Business to Business

WiPay Account-to-WiPay Account

Business to Business
Transfer money from one WiPay account to another WiPay account instantly for FREE.

From the Payments feature, select Peer to Peer to transfer money to another Wipay account. Enter the WiPay account number, email address or phone number of the other WiPay user, enter the amount that you wish to transfer, and select transfer to send the money. All of your peer transfer transactions can be found in the Peer Transfer History tab so that you can easily manage your personal peer to peer transfers.

WiPay Plus

Use WiPay Plus to access money from your credit card directly into your WiPay Business account.

WiPay Plus


Coming soon 


WiPay Me Business

A quick and easy way
for anyone to send money
directly to your WiPay account

WiPay Me Business

WiPay Me is a quick and easy way for anyone to send money directly to your WiPay account using your business's personalized payment link. Simply generat the payment link and share it with anyone who needs to send you money.

To access WiPay Me Business, long into your WiPay account and select WiPay Me Business. Your payment link will be there. Simply click to share the payment link with anyone and get paid via credit card or bank card. No website, no email, just your very own Business payment link.


The standard transaction fees for card payments apply* 

*3% +0.25 USD for credit card and debit card processing fees.