The Government of Grenada Partners with WiPay Caribbean for Digital Student Grant Assistance Program

September 05, 2023
The Government of Grenada Partners with WiPay Caribbean for Digital Student Grant Assistance Program

WiPay has once again partnered with the Government of Grenada and the Ministry of Education for that countries “Digital Grant” payment solution. The Digital Grant solution would be utilized for the distribution of funds for school uniforms and supplies for upcoming school year. This is the second year the fintech firm has been awarded the contract to provide it’s 100% digital payment solution to the Ministry of Education and by extension the people of Grenada. The Ministry would issue to grant beneficiaries a system generated QR codes, which would be redeemable at participating merchants for school supplies and uniforms. This cashless system saves the government millions by eliminating the cost associating with printing and mailing cheques.

Senator, The Honourable, David Andrew, the Minister of Education, Youth, Sports & Culture, expressed his enthusiasm for the program, stating, "This year, we are very delighted to present this assistance in the form of machine-readable codes, better known as QR Codes." These QR codes, powered by WiPay, offer a convenient solution for accessing funds that facilitate uniform and school supply purchases. The grant, amounting to US$2 million, is intended to bolster Grenada's education sector during the upcoming academic year.

The Honourable Minister further remarked, "We are very delighted that we are able to work and further support our Nation's children, along with all that has been happening by way of tuition removal and fee reductions at secondary and primary levels. We are happy to announce the start of the School Uniform and School Supplies Assistance Program."

John Mollenthiel, WiPay's Chief Operating Officer, highlighted the technology-driven advancements achieved through this collaboration. "We are truly delighted to be working with the Government of Grenada to bring higher levels of convenience, transparency, accountability, and control to the SUAP (School Uniform Assistance Program). Our distribution technology, perhaps described as 'controlled flexibility,' is adaptable to tailor grants or benefits to specific needs. Administrators also have a measure of control, ensuring grants are used for their intended purpose."

WiPay's involvement in grant solutions emphasizes its commitment to supporting the Caribbean community, particularly during challenging times. The company's digital payment services provide seamless and secure credit, debit, and cash payment options. In response to the pandemic, WiPay introduced the WiCare Digital Grant product and facilitated various digital grant-based solutions across several WiPay island territories, reducing the reliance on physical cash and cash transportation.

WiPay grant technology has been utilized by NGO’s, State Entities and Governments entities across the Caribbean . One notable achievement includes the successful distribution of a JM$4 billion grant payout solution in Jamaica, serving more than 40,000 people in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) during the pandemic. Leveraging QR code-based disbursements, recipients could redeem funds at various merchant locations across the island, further underscoring WiPay's track record in effective grant distribution.

This solution not only streamlines the distribution process but also addresses concerns related to time, cost, theft, and misuse of funds. This initiative further highlights WiPay's dedication to payment solutions that enhance convenience, efficiency, redistribution of wealth, and financial inclusion.

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