WiPay WooCommerce Credit Card Plugin

Please note, the plugin is dependent on your website having WooCommerce installed and configured on your WordPress-based website.

This is version 2.0.1 of the WiPay WooCommerce Credit Card Plugin.
The change log can be found (here-Coming Soon)

  • This plugin allows you to select the currency for your website by configuring the plugin to match the currency set on the WooCommerce Plugin.
    However, the currency is limited to the platform selected.
    • Trinidad and Tobago platform: USD, TTD
    • Jamaica platform: USD, JMD
    • Barbados platform: USD, (BBD-Coming Soon)
    • Guyana platform: Coming Soon
    • St Lucia platform: Coming Soon


  • This plugin allows you to customize the Orders’ status upon successful payment. You have the choice of ‘processed’ or ‘completed’.
  • This plugin allows you to chose your fee structure. This allows you to decide how the WiPay fees are paid:
    • By the user (Merchant Absorb)
    • By the Customer (Customer Pay)
    • By both user and customer (50/50 split)
  • This plugin also allows you to select whether or not the fee structure is displayed.
  • The image of the VISA card and Mastercard can also be toggled to the your preference.
  • The plugin allows you to test the plugin using the ‘SandBox Mode’. This comes complete with a pre-populated account number and API key.
  • The plugin also allows you to log errors as it occurs with the ‘Enable Logging’ feature.
  1. Click here to download the WiPay WooCommerce Plugin.
    NB: Pay attention to where the file is saved after downloads.
  2. On your WordPress Site, select ‘Plugins’ and ‘Add New’.
    Plugins-Add New
  3. On the Add Plugins Page, click ‘Upload Plugin’ then ‘Choose Files’.
    Plugins-Upload Plugin
  4. Navigate to where the WiPay WooCommerce Plugin is saved on your device and click ‘Install Now’.
    Plugin-Install Now
  5. Once installed and confirmed, click ‘Activate Plugin’. 
    Plugin-Activate Plugin

Once the plugin is Activated, it needs to be set up on your website.

  1. Locate the plugin on the plugins manager page.


  2. Click ‘Update’ at the top right-hand corner of the page.


  3. Select the ‘Fee Structure’ and ‘Image Size’ you desire and then check the following if unchecked.
    • Enable Plugin
    • AutoComplete
      NB: If you wish to push this plugin to LIVE, uncheck ‘SandBox Mode’
  4. Ensure you select the platform for your respective country


    Please note, each platform supports different currencies

    • TT platform – supports TTD and USD
    • JM platform – supports JMD and USD
    • BB platform – supports USD and XCD coming soon
    • Guyana platform Coming soon
    • St Lucia platform Coming soon


  5. Ensure the ‘Currency’ selected is the same as the currency selected via WooCommerce Settings
  6. Select your configurations for the following:
    • Fee Structure
    • Fee Structure Display
    • Image Size
  7. If ‘SandBox Mode’ was un-checked, fill out the ‘LIVE’ credentials.


    A prompt is given when the account number and API key are accepted.

    • WiPay Account Number
    • WiPay API Key
  8. If ‘SandBox Mode’ was checked, the credentials are pre-populated for testing purposes.


  9. Check ‘Enable Logging’ if you wish to log the information that this plugin processes.


    The ‘Download’ button allows you to download the logs whereas the ‘Clear’ button erases all data saved on the file.

  10. Click ‘Save Changes’ and a notification will appear confirming that the changes have been saved.
  11. At checkout, your customers will see the option to pay with credit card via the WiPay Platform and the fee structure will be displayed and reflected in the balance.
  1. Navigate to the Plugins page and locate ‘Credit Card (via WiPay)’
  2. Click ‘Deactivate’ then click ‘Delete’

This plugin allows the user to log event data. This allows the user to:

  • Obtain a log of events that occur with relations to the plugin
  • Provide a log to WiPay Customer Service

You will need to perform the following sets to provide the CS team with information to assist with your issue:

    1. Go to Plugins Manager => ‘Credit Card (via WiPay)’ => Settings then check ‘Enable Logging’.
    2. Click ‘Clear’ to erase all previous data on the log file.
    3. Repeat the steps you took previously to encounter the problem.
    4. Return to the settings page and click ‘Download’.
    5. Email the log file to WiPay Customer Service to support@wipaytoday.com

ISSUE: At Checkout, there is an error “WiPay Account is not authorized to receive USD payment”

Plugin-USD authorize
Solution: Contact WiPay Customer Service and request permission to accept US payments

ISSUE: Changing WooCommerce Currency to reflect my Platform Currency

Solution: Follow the outlined steps to change the currency

  1. Go to Plugins Manager => ‘Credit Card (via WiPay)’ => Settings.
  2. Click on ‘Change’.


  3. Under Currency options, change the currency to the required currency.

    Plugins-currency change

  4. Click ‘Save Changes’

    Don’t forget to return to the Plugins Settings and finish setting up your plugin.

ISSUE: Locating the WiPay API

Solution: Follow the outlined steps to obtain your API key

  1. Go to WiPay Website and login using your email and password.
  2. Select the drop-down menu and go to ‘Developer’.


  3. If you have not registered your website, you will need to enter your website URL and then click ‘Submit’.


  4. If you have registered your website, then your API key will be available to copy and paste.


  5. Alternatively, you can choose to generate a new API by clicking ‘Generate new API key’.
  • “WiPay Transaction not found. Please revise the submitted transaction id.”
    This occurs when the system was unable to find the transaction.
  • “Unexpected WiPay server error. Please try again later.”
    This occurs when there is an unexpected error, and the web page requires the information to be resubmitted.
  • “Client Error”
    This occurs when webpage is redirected.