WiPay Launches Zwillo Invoicing Mobile App

WiPay is pleased to launch Zwillo Invoicing, an innovative way to send invoices to your customers directly from your WiPay account. 

“Your customers will love it!”

The feedback we have received from our merchants has been just amazing. 
“WiPay invoicing has exceeded all our expectations. We just love putting the right tools in the hands of our clients.” said Sacha Thompson, COO at WiPay. 
WiPay invoicing is a mashing hit! It truly removes the limits off of payments by allowing to simply get paid.

Works Everywhere

Do business where your clients work and play. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter or email; Zwillo invoicing simply works…. no hassles, no stress!




Sign up for Zwillo Invoices today


Experience the World of WiPay comes to Jamaica

WiPay is hosting a special event for business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives entitled Experience The World of WiPay.

  • Venue: Mariott, AC Hotel Kingston, Jamaica
  • Date/Time: July 27th, 2019 at 10am

This will be an excellent opportunity to meetup with the WiPay team and sit with WiPay founder, Aldwyn Wayne. The event promises to be a featured event on the Jamaican business calendar.

*Several participants will receive $400 FREE WiPay credit.