Pay online with your LINX card

Hi there, we have got some AWESOME NEWS for you! LINX card holders can now make online payments at local WiPay approved merchants using their LINX card.

  • Customers can pay online without a credit card
  • Businesses can now sell online to a wider market
  • Customers can now make LINX payments at multiple locations​
  • e-LINX supports local transactions in local currency, so there is no impact on foreign exchange​
  • Extends one of the most widely used payment methods to the online community
  • Works on WiPay merchants existing payment devices
Tools built to help you start, run, and grow.

Receive payment online from your LINX customers

Sell your products and services online to a wider market and receive payments at any WiPay approved terminal location.

One business multiple payment locations

Another borderless business solution from WiPay. Expand the reach of your business while offering your customers the convenience of multiple payment locations. It's all about creating many options to get paid.

How It Works



Customer Shops Online (eg. Website, FB, Instagram, Whatsapp).



At checkout page, Customer selects "e-LINX" as the payment option.
A QR Code containing MID amount and TX ID is sent to Customer phone.



Customer takes QR Code to any WiPay/RBL approved Terminal location.



Store merchant scans QR code with terminal. Corresponding transaction and MID is Displayed on terminal.



Merchant swipes LINX Card to complete the sale. Customer enters PIN and collects receipt.



Transaction Complete.

Low transaction fees

Transparent pricing

WiPay takes the mystery out of payments - what you see is what you pay. It's how we have gained the trust and business of thousands of merchants.

No long term contract

That's right. Pay as you go, no contract. There are no startup fees, monthly fees, or termination fees. You just pay a simple transaction fee for payments.

Low transaction fees

*We are proud to offer our merchants one of the lowest transaction fees in the Caribbean. We offer a simple flat rate of 3% to most merchants.

You hate fees and so do we

No authorization fees, statement fees, reversal fees, PCI-compliance fees, no get well fees—simply pay as you use our payment services!

Do so much more with WiPay payment solutions



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Start taking payments online with LINX.

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