Trinidad & Tobago

WiPay Agent Locations

Below is the list of agent locations where you can purchase your WiPay Top Ups, CourtPay Top Ups, GovPay Top Ups, Digicel Top Ups and Digicel SIM cards. The list shows which services are offered at each location.


Updated July 1, 2020
1ArimaGrassLab Herbal Supplements#11 Freedom Street, Pinto Road685-8190$ 
2ArimaArima Magistrates’ Court#8 Prince Street866-2729    LINX
3ArimaNP – Tuscon Services Limited15-16 Hollis Avenue667-3545    LINX
4AroucaJ V Market Place#160 Eastern Main Road388-2940   $ 
5BambooAccessory FusionGrand Bazaar467-7881$ 
6BaratariaCover Me Variety Store#113 Eastern Main road 391-4209  LINX
7Barataria10th Avenue Drugs#185 Eastern Main Road, Barataria674-8778  LINX
8BarrackporeKristene Phone & AccessoriesIntegral Plaza, #27 New Colonial Road 316-2512  LINX
9CarapichimaFine Soaps Limited27 Orange Field Road 673-6740$ 
10CaroniKevin Auto Air-Condition ServicesLP150 Pearl La Paille Village371-0056$ 
11ChaguanasBatson Miller & AssociatesFirst floor, Money Talks Building, Montrose222-8261 $ 
12ChaguanasUnique Book Store and Sports Centre#4 Market St. 671-1058   $ 
13ChaguanasModen Systems and Solutions Limited#6 Amow Street, Enterprise281-2786$ 
14ChaguanasChaguanas Magistrates’ CourtCorner Lange Sreet and Railway Road 866-2729    LINX
15Claxton BaySeehatal’s CentreLP 122 Cedar Hill Road358-1930  LINX
16CouvaCouva Magistrates’ CourtChurch Street866-2729    LINX
17CouvaTechHub TTSouthern Main Road, Mc Bean679-1587  LINX
18CouvaFotocraftBalmain Main Road636-2349 LINX
19CunupiaThe Study Centre and General Store298 Southern Main Road229-9944$ 
20CunupiaDanas Creative Creations25 Bridal Road, Jerningham Junction236-8442$ 
21CunupiaRamsackal’s Shopping CentreSouthern Main Road782-4877   $ 
22CurepeCodecc Pharmacy LimitedCorner Eastern Main Road & Riverside Road663-9543$ 
23DebeBatson Miller & Associates#166 SS Erin Main Road341-4813  LINX
24Diego MartinVersatile Technologies Ltd#44 Diego Martin Main Road463-1500$ 
25El DoradoMassy StoresEastern Main Road609-2150   $ 
26El DoradoTech City Experts278 EMR El Dorado645-6070$ 
27FreeportVenderCentral LtdCalcutta Road #2347-8449   $ 
28FyzabadAlleynes Furniture & Appliances LTD.#15 Guapo Road Fyzabad681-9266$ 
29FyzabadUnique Books and Sports Centre#1 Butler Avenue, Guapo Road299-0446   $ 
30FyzabadPran Maharaj Gift Center197 Fyzabad Junction 677-8052$ 
31FyzabadPran Maharaj Toy Center195 Fyzabad Junction 677-6250$ 
32FyzabadChildren’s CourtCorner Delhi & Fyzabad Main Road866-2729    LINX
33GasparilloMedicap Drugs#18 Bonne Aventure Rd323-4134$ 
34La RomainD Major League Barber  Shop#265 Southern Main Rd480-2122 $ 
35LongdenvilleT&V Corner Mart & WholesalersCorner Main Road Montrose and Maraj Street, Chaguanas344-4135$ 
36MarabellaBetter Cell Mobile and Electronic Store#204 Southern Main Rd286-2088$ 
37MayaroMayaro Magistrates’ CourtGuayaguayare Main Road866-2729    LINX
38New GrantM.A.C. Innovation & Technologies#628 Naparima Mayaro Road372-4331$ 
39New GrantMandy’s Plumbing and General Supplies#464 Naparima Mayaro Road343-3634 LINX
40New Grant Deodath Maharaj & Sons Hardware Ltd #735 Torrib Tabaquite Road, Brothers Road656-2743 LINX
41PenalMichael HD EnterpriseSouth Savers Discount Center, S. S. Erin Road770-0949  LINX
42Petit BourgBonanza Drugs#49 Eastern Main Road674-1465 LINX
43Petit ValleyRest Easy Pest ControlLP#64A Upper Simeon Road355-1820$ 
44PiarcoTroopers CentreSouth Bank Road, Kelly Village234-2627$ 
45Point FortinWayne Investments#80 Point Fortin Main Road648-6789$LINX
46Point FortinR’s Entertainment#1 Tanner Street375-8736$ 
47Point FortinMassy StoresCor. Guapo Cap-De-Ville &, Point Fortin Main Rd648-3174 $ 
48Point FortinPoint Fortin Magistrates’ CourtCap-de-Ville Road866-2729    LINX
49Point FortinH&R DrugsPoint Fortin Main Road648-6614  LINX
50Port of SpainPeckish Tropical DelightsBooth #8 People’s Mall, Fredrick Street,340-8383$ 
51Port of SpainNari’s Beauty WorldKiosk #5 Mezz Government Plaza Parkade, Corner Richmond & Queen Street780-3450$ 
52Port of SpainKesh’s Place #131 Duke St.331-0596 $ 
53Port of SpainSt. Christopher’s Convenience Store#23 Wrightson Road225-4545 LINX
54Port of SpainNP- Quik Shoppe Service StationCorner Richmond and Park Street387-0427   LINX
55Port of SpainWellness Pharmacy39 Independence Square383-2800    LINX
56Port of SpainFamily Court NorthCipriani Place, #4 Cipriani Boulevard866-2729    LINX
57Port of SpainPort of Spain Magistrates’ CourtSt. Vincent Street866-2729    LINX
58Port of SpainHall of JusticeKnox Street866-2729    LINX
59Princes TownAmaris Fashion StudioCacique Street398-9167$ 
60Princes TownEllie’s Medicine Pharmacy Ltd#294 St. Julien Village, Naparima Mayaro Road223-2041 LINX
61Rio ClaroLos ExploradoresTT Tours Ltd#18 Grant Street783-6446$ 
62Rio ClaroSains Pharmacy Ltd#1316 Tabaquite Road (opposite JD’s)644-3356  LINX
63Rio ClaroRio Claro Magistrates’ Court#4 Guayaguayare Main Road866-2729    LINX
64Rio ClaroS. Ragunanan Limited#6 Tabaquite Road,486-1193 LINX
65RousillacAruna’s Roti Shop304 Aripero, 380-8383   $ 
66San FernandoBrowwwsers1a La Pique Plaza, Library Corner221-4663$ 
67San FernandoOur Daily Bread Book Store and Café22 Harris Promenade653-4360$ 
68San FernandoTip Top Kids Clothing Company Ltd13 Lazzari Street, Mon Repos292-0695$ 
69San FernandoSkylink Security Systems LimitedLevel 2, Ritz Plaza, St. James Street228-8882$ 
70San FernandoPink Noise 108 Naparima Mayaro Rd688-8679   $ 
71San FernandoSupreme Court San FernandoHarris Promenade866-2729    LINX
72San FernandoSan Fernando Magistrates’ CourtHarris Promenade, Corner Knox & Harris Street866-2729    LINX
73San JuanMediFocus Pharmacy#3 Eastern Main Road675-2822 LINX
74Sangre GrandeSangre Grande Magistrates’ CourtEastern Main Road866-2729    LINX
75Sangre Grande Geet’s DrugsLp#4 Cunapo Southern Main Rd, 764-0810 $ 
76Santa CruzRed Edge Price is Right Vegetable MartLower Santa Cruz (Opposite Uncle Beddoe’s Hardware)281-6797 $ 
77Santa CruzPremier Solutions Limited5W Cangrehal Road Lower Santa Cruz345-2593 $ 
78Santa CruzCruize Auto SuppliesCorner Akal Trace & Saddle Road397-6266  LINX
79SipariaPC Stop n Shop Supermarket#59 High Street649-2492$ 
80SipariaNP- Dylam Service Station#77-79 S.S. Erin Road 649-1846   LINX
81SipariaSiparia Magistrates’ CourtHigh Street866-2729    LINX
82SipariaAlleynes Furniture & Appliances LTD.George Street 649-1303 LINX
83St JamesGolden Stars Trading#47 Western Main Road375-8499   $ 
84St. AugustineMedi-Time Pharmacy Ltd#86 Evans Street663-6334  LINX
85St. JamesBournes Road Pharmacy#2 Bournes Road622-3721  LINX
86St. JamesBatson Miller & AssociatesRed Edge Shopping Centre270-2955  LINX
87TOBAGORed Rose BoutiqueUptown Scarborough, Corner Main and Bacolet Street631-8506 $ 
88TOBAGOSupreme Court TobagoBacolet Street, Scarborough866-2729    LINX
89TOBAGOFamily Court Tobago#54 Calder Hall Main Road, Scarborough866-2729    LINX
90TOBAGOBelfon’s Hardware Limited#17 Carnbee, Mt. Pleasant631-0911  LINX
91TOBAGOScarborough Magistrates’ Court (Tobago)Bacolet Street, Scarborough866-2729    LINX
92TOBAGOAVT General Services LimitedUnit 8A 1st Floor – Port Mall, Corner Milford Road & Sangsters Hill, Scarborough721-6554 / 748-1288  LINX
93TOBAGOPablo’s SupermarketArgyle, Main Road660-4014  LINX
94TOBAGOL.A.M’S Best Mart22 Daniel Trace, Carnbee330-7951  LINX
95TunapunaTunapuna Magistrates’ CourtTunapuna Administrative Complex, Eastern Main Road866-2729    LINX
96Tunapuna10th Avenue Drugs#234 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna663-4365  LINX
97WilliamsvilleChangoor’s General Hardware#143 Guaracara Tabaquite Road, Eckles Village656-1341 LINX
98Woodbrook24 The Convenience Store#145 Tragarete Road236-0749$ 
99WoodBrookThe Avenue Pharmacy#95 Ariapita Avenue222-1343  LINX
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