Trinidad & Tobago

WiPay Locations

Below is a list of locations where you can get your WiPay Topups, CourtPay Topups, Digicel Topups, Digicel SIM cards or make WiPay Direct payments. The list shows which services are offered at each location.

1ArimaJireh Jewelry and Creation LtdStore K Arima Shopping Centre, EMR310-4149
2AroucaBJ’s Drug World Ltd#22 Eastern Main Road221-7571 
3BaratariaCover Me Variety Store#113 Eastern Main road3914209
4CarapichimaFine Soaps Limited27 Orange Field Road673-6740
5ChaguanasVTDC Services139 Edinburgh Southern Main Road, Chase Village688-3998
6ChaguanasPinkys SelectionRamsingh Sports World, Southern Main Road727-6057 
7CouvaFotocraftBalmain Main Road636-2349
8CurepeCodecc Pharmacy LimitedCorner Eastern Main Road & Riverside Road663-9543
9Diego MartinNLC Tech Solution Company SolutionLp #130 Diego Martin main road4676053 
10El DoradoTech City Experts278 EMR El Dorado645-6070
11GasparilloJ’s Dynasty74 Caratal Road735-3393 
12GuapoMizpah Connection#35 Parrylands Village779-6606 
13MacoyaDealshaker Trinidad and Tobago Limited17A Centre of Excellence235-4161
14MarabellaBetter Cell Mobile and Electronic Store#204 Southern Main road286-2088
15MaravalDress to Impress#2 Francis Road362-1004 
16New GrantDeodath Maharaj & Sons Hardware Ltd735 Torrib Tabaquite Road, Brothers Road656-2743
17Petit ValleyBodega – Sips, Snax & Stuff7 West Hills Commercial Plaza, Morne Coco Rd231-4600
18Point FortinWayne Investments80 Point Fortin Main Road648-6789
19Point FortinR’s Entertainment#1 Tanner Street375-8736
20Port of SpainSt. Christopher’s Convenience Store#23 Wrightson Road225-4545
21Port of SpainTech AccessBooth #1 Aboutique mall Federick Street323-6359
22Port of SpainZoom TechHenry Street Aboutique mall288-5712
23Port of SpainMedia CityCharlotte Street, Bradford mall624-3902
24Port of SpainMobile FusionBooth #1 Aboutique Mall, Federick Street4688268
25Port of SpainKesh’s Place#131 Duke St.331-0596 
26Port of SpainD Red BowTragarete Road622-0908   
27Port of SpainElectronic Sales Limited37 Tragarete Road622-8764 
28Port of SpainBoom’s WorldOpposite Drag Mall Henry Street476-2456
29Port of SpainInsta Mobile#74 Frederick St377-5116 
30Princes TownEllie’s Medicine Pharmacy Ltd#294 St. Julien Village, Naparima Mayaro Road223-2041 
31Rio ClaroLos ExploradoresTT Tours Ltd#18 Grant Street783-6446 
32San FernandoPitcher Electronics Ltd12 Gooding Village, Cipero Street228-9864
33San FernandoNitronixSouth Park729-6055
34San FernandoTip Top Kids Clothing Company Ltd13 Lazzari Street, Mon Repos292-0695
35San JuanEpic TechnologiesBooth #1 Aboutique Mall, Federick Street4688268
36Sangre GrandeJireh Jewelry and Creation LtdGrande shopping center, EMR the second kiosks on the left310-4149
37St JamesTAV Mobile2nd Floor, Long Circular Mall620-6203
38St JamesGolden Stars Trading#47 Western Main Road375-8499 
39St. AugustineMedi-Time Pharmacy Ltd#86 Evans Street663-6334
40St. JamesFirst Choice Supermarket32 Bournes Road622-5347 
41TobagoBright Tech Communications – Digicel DealershipGulf City Mall, Lowlands270-0001 
42TobagoKey Computer Solutions LtdWilson Road, Scarborough (Next to Royal Castle)639-1858 
43ValenciaEast Side Tyre Shop22 1/4 mile Eastern Main Road324-5103
44WoodBrookBurger Joint#71 Ariapita Avenue347-7341
45WoodBrookThe Avenue Pharmacy95 Ariapita Avenue222-1343
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