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Moving money at the speed of social(Coming Soon)

Make Money on Social Media

Whether you’re buying or selling on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or email, WiPay makes it easier and safer to do business. Simply SHARE your Social Pay Link and that's it - get paid!

Create Your Social Pay Link

Enter your desired username to create your personalised link. For example:

Share Your Social Pay Link

Tell the world that you are open for business. Simply share your social pay link with friends, family or customers to request money or a payment on their favourite social platform.

Get Paid

It is easy for your customers to simply click your link and enter their payment information. Do business where your customers live, work and play.
Start Social Selling

Social media is all about engagement. What if you can close the deal on your customer's preferred social platform. Turn conversations into paying customers using WiPay's Social Pay.


Safey First Solution

We bring our core WiPay payment standards of speed, accessibility and most importantly, security to social media payments.

Turn your tribe into enthusiastic customers by offering the most flexible payment solution.

PCI compliance

Our online payment APIs are PCI compliant which help to keep your card holder data safe and secure. We take on the responsibility of having the systems and processes in place to prevent a data breach, relevant to all merchants, regardless of revenue and credit card transaction volumes.


Fast deposits

Send money to your bank account with the click of a button. Whether it’s late at night in the comfort of your home or during peak bank hours, WiPay allows you to move your money when you want to and receive it in your bank account within three to five business days.

Dispute management

We have a dedicated dispute management team to deal with the bank for you. They enforce a coordinated, consistent and effective approach to preventing and managing disputes. We’ll ask for the documentation we need and take care of the rest with no additional fees.


Fraud detection

We utilize technology to analyze every payment in our ecosystem, predict conventional tactics, uncover new schemes and decipher increasingly sophisticated organized fraud rings. This involves more than standard analytics; it applies predictive and adaptive analytics techniques as well.
Trust WiPay with all your payment needs



No website, no problem. Send out invoices online quickly and easily without a website. Invoices can be sent via Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
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On Your Website

On Your Website

Make and accept payments online from anyone, anywhere, at anytime using Credit Card, Bank Account and even Cash Vouchers.
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Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Make and accept payments at the point of sale. Transform your business with our new, future proof, smart payment terminal.
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Start making money on your favourite social platform today.

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