Trinidad & Tobago

Make and receive payments online using your cash voucher

WiPay Top Up Voucher System

Visit any authorized WiPay location and use cash to buy a WiPay Top Up voucher. Use the voucher’s scannable QR code or unique 12-character reference number to make a ‘digital cash’ payment anywhere that WiPay is accepted.

  • Allows non credit card holders or those without a bank account to enjoy the convenience of making digital payments.
  • WiPay’s secure distributed ledger system permanently captures the details of every WiPay payment transaction.
  • Reduce Cash-in-Transit risk
  • Allow your customers to make digital payments in their local currency
  • Extends the reach of the financial system to the unbanked and underbanked
  • There is no charge when transfering money between WiPay accounts

Low transaction fees

Transparent pricing

WiPay takes the mystery out of payments - what you see is what you pay. It's how we have gained the trust and business of thousands of merchants.

No long term contract

That's right. Pay as you go, no contract. There are no startup fees, monthly fees, or termination fees. You just pay a simple transaction fee for payments.

Low transaction fees

*We are proud to offer our merchants one of the lowest transaction fees in the Caribbean. We offer a simple flat rate of 3% to most merchants.

You hate fees and so do we

No authorization fees, statement fees, reversal fees, PCI-compliance fees, no get well fees—simply pay as you use our payment services!

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